“A best gift by parents who cherish their kid’s artworks”

Claire is very glad to hold a picture book.
It is a collection of works created by Claire, a little artist, made of her pictures.
Being very fond of drawing pictures, she paints several pictures in a day.
The problem is how to keep them!
It is not easy to keep all of mounting pile of pictures randomly.
It is not easy for a mom to discard them without coming into her minds Claire who must be disappointing to find her pictures being discarded.
After giving it considerable thinking, I was assisted by my husband, a designer, and have tried to create a collection made of scanned pictures.
Once several boxes where artwork are piled up are putted away,
Claire’s room has become neat and tidy and she becomes happy with joy of seeing her pictures created in a collection.

“Their elevated self-esteem!"

As one's parent had tried to keep vivid memories of their kids’ childhood,
how about leaving their pictures and arts where their feeling are expressed during childhood as memories?
Cared for by their parents as such,
kids will be happy with parents' interest and love for them and further,
will enjoy creative activities as their healthy hobby.
Not only is their self-esteem elevated,
but also they will be more grateful to their parents after having grown up.
It will be a gift more than the parents have ever imagined

“Busy Mom and Dad”

Our parents leading a daily busy lives !
Do you wonder how you, pressed for time in the middle of your busy life, can create a book out of your kid’s pictures?
During a brief coffee break for relaxation,
KidsArt5 app will help you to leisurely and with fun keep your kids’ pictures in order for a lifelong span.
KidsArt5 app performs function of scanning pictures,
thus enabling you to have them kept in a virutally original image.
It enables you to conveniently keep pile of pictures and whenever your kid draws pictures,
you can immediately scan and save them and then create in a form of PDF Artbook (digital book) or Kids Artbook (picture album).
Without choosing to spare your busy time, you may be able to leave valuable pictures of your kids as memories of lifelong records.
How attractive is it ?

“Aspiration of KidsArt5”

Picasso said, “it takes me a lifelong time before being able to draw pictures as kids do.”
Apply KidsArt5 to take care of pictures which children can draw only at certain times during childhood
It will help a lot to encourage your children to do creative activities which render them emotionally healthy.
KidsArt5 wishes that children will be able to communicate with others by way of pictures.
KidsArt5 wishes to be a bridge whereby children acknowledge that the same subject can be expressed in different ways i.e. difference means variety and expand the world of their minds.
KidsArt5 app has been born out of parents’ affection for my children.


“It is a good app intended to give children dream and hope for creativity.
-Shin Ja Park, a former principal of Dongchuncheon Elementary School.

“It used to be not an easy job to keep my daughter’s pictures and works in order.
Now, I am very happy to use KidsArt in keeping them in order and creating books out of them!”
-Seo Jin Lee, a parent of a third grader at Bojung Elementary School.

“Now, I can keep art works of three children in an app in a simple way! How surprising and grateful !"
-Kate, mom of three children in U.S.

“How happy I am to be able to do the valuable thing for my child using my smart phone !”
-Susan, mom who has 7 year old child in U.S.